Company Profile

Aso Riv Consult Ltd is a firm of Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, and ICT professionals. The firm was incorporated in Nigeria to carry out among other services, Project procurement, and development services; ICT; and then Architectural and Engineering Consultancy Services. It possesses a broad spectrum of high expertise suited for undertaking projects in unique operating environments. The firm's Principal Partner and Senior Professional officers have individually and corporately acquired substantial knowledge and expertise in Design, Construction and Supervision, and ICT Services. The firm has a formidable structure that has the Managing Partner, who is responsible to the Board of Partners.

There are two departments in the firm as follows: -
(i) Technical Department
The technical Department has the following units: -
(a) Architecture/Planning Services Unit
(b) Built Environment & Climate Change Unit
(c) Construction and Engineering Services Unit
(d) ICT Services Unit

(ii) Corporate Department
The Corporate Department has the following units: -
(a) Admin & Personnel Unit
(b) Monitoring and Evaluation Unit
(c) Finance & Procurement Unit
(d) Public Relations Unit

Architecture/Planning Services Unit: is responsible for planning and designing projects of mass housing and other housing and industrial building layouts, considering factors of climatology to make the environment comfortably habitable. In the case of factories, we are always mindful of carbon emissions that occur. We care about the effect on the neighborhood and the environment generally.

Built Environment & Climate Change Unit: is a research unit. We believe that climate change and the built environment are closely related. We care for the environment because it is meant to be habited by humans and every other creation including the flora and fauna; and even the sea creatures. While we are mindful of carbon emissions from factories we design, we are as well mindful of the behavior of buildings under the emerging challenges for the benefit of its occupants. In mass housing, we are also mindful of even animals and birds within the estate. We are researching all these for total comfort. Our research work does not stop with buildings alone. We are looking into the effect of carbon emissions from machines of all sorts including vehicles and their effects on human habitation. A part of the unit is attempting to consider the effect on general human welfare of carbon emissions from aircraft. The architecture we believe has gone beyond the normal design, construction, and supervision of buildings. We are searching for a new normal for it.

Construction and Engineering Services Unit: is responsible for all construction and engineering project delivery services of the firm.

ICT Services Unit serves the firm and offers consultancy services to the public.

Admin & Personnel Unit: is responsible for the management of administrative and personnel issues of the firm. They manage recruitment and all staff and operational matters including:
(i) Our Mission and Vision.
(ii) Our value systems and
(iii) Our Strategic Plan

Monitoring and Evaluation Unit: takes care of the performance of workers and the firm on our budgetary, projects, and relational dynamics. They jointly with the Admin, set targets for departments and follow up for purposes of improvement.

The finance & Procurement Unit is responsible for our budget operations and performance control. The unit is also concerned with our procurement of staff in liaison with the finance and procurement unit. They are also concerned with the procurement of materials and services.

Public Relations Unit: is our image maker, mouthpiece, and main contact with the professional and other contacts, the public, and also our clients.

We relate very well with our Clients from the brief taking stage on all projects right through to completion and project delivery. We also carry out as part of the services to clients, the Post Occupancy Analysis and Evaluation on all projects. We also provide these services on projects on which we were not initial consultants when so engaged.

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